Cuidiu DSE Library

Introducing our new Cuidiu DSE Library!

Cuidiú Dublin South East proudly launches our own Cuidiú Library.
Books are available to rent free of charge to members of Cuidiú. Please contact Aga on 085 133 6896 to request and check availability.

We are planning to add more books in future, you can see the current list of books below. If you have suggestions for anything that should be added, please do get in touch.

Happy reading!

Book List

“Ina May’s guide to breastfeeding”, Ina May Gaskin

“The womanly art of breastfeeding”, Dianne Wiessinger

“The positive breastfeeding book”, Amy Brown

“Breastfeeding made simple”, Nancy Mohrbacher

“The politics of breastfeeding”, Gabrielle Palmer

“Dr Jack Newman’s guide to breastfeeding”, Jack Newman

“Birth and breastfeeding”, Michel Odent


“Childbirth without fear: the principles and practice of natural childbirth”, Grantly Dick-Read

“Men, love & birth. The book about being present at birth that your pregnant lover wants you to read”, Mark Harris

“Birth and sex. The power and passion”, Sheila Kitzinger


“Why perinatal depression matters”, Mia Scottland

“It isn’t what I expected. Overcoming postpartum depression”, Karen R. Kleiman

“The postpartum husband practical solutions for living with postpartum depression”, Karen R. Kleiman

“Depression in new mothers”, Kathleen A Kendall-Tackett


“Spiritual midwifery”, Ina May Gaskin

“The hormone of closeness: the role of oxytocin in relationships”, Kerstin Uvnas Moberg


“Two thousand kisses a day. Gentle parenting through ages and stages”, L R Knost

“The highly sensitive child. Helping our children thrive when the world overwhelms them”, Elaine N. Aron

“Parenting from the inside out. How a deeper self-understanding can help you raise children who thrive”, Daniel J. Siegel

“The whole-brain child. 12 proven strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind”, Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

“No bad kids. Toddler discipline without shame”, Janet Lansbury

“Elevating child care. A guide to respectful parenting”, Janet Lansbury

“The gentle sleep book”, Sarah Ockwell-Smith

“The gentle parenting book”, Sarah Ockwell-Smith

“No more meltdowns. Ultimate guide to sensory processing disorder”, Jed Baker

“Why love matters”, Sue Gerhardt

“Daring greatly. How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead”, Brené Brown


“The wonder weeks”, Frans X. Plooij

“Feed yourself, feed your family good nutrition and healthy cooking for new mums and growing families”, La Leche League International


“Infertility, IVF and miscarriage: the simple truth”, Sean Watermeyer

“When a baby dies. The experience of late miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death”, Alix Henley

“Miscarriage mom. The unspoken realities of miscarriage and how to cope”, Kristy Parisi

“The story of baby rabbit. A resource to help you talk to young children about miscarriage or stillbirth”, Graeme Smith


“A very special lady. A story about IVF, an egg donor and a little boy”, Nel Carswell

“And Tango makes three”, Justin Richardson

“You, me and the breast”, Monica Calaf, Mikel Fuentes

“There’s a house inside my mummy”, Giles Andreae

“Parenting is child’s play”, David Coleman
“Adventures in tandem nursing”, Hilary Flower
“Adventures in gentle discipline”, Hilary Flower
“The science of parenting”, Margot Sunderland
“Entertaining and educating babies and toddlers”, Caroline Young
“Baby Play” and “Toddler Play”, Gymboree Play and Music
“Milky moments”, Ellie Stoneley
“Mama’s milk”, Michael Elsohn Ross