Birth Reflection Evening | Tuesday April 16th

How are you? Do you find yourself answering this question so many times with “Fine!” but really, that’s just the easiest way to respond, because birth is wonderful but birth and the transition to motherhood can be tough and so you’re wondering how you would even start to begin to explain how you are really feeling? Or because no one understands?

If you want someone to simply listen and to help you make sense of what is inside your head or to express yourself with supportive people then a facilitated Birth Reflection circle could be just what you need.

The DSE Birth Reflection provides specialist support with a non-directive counsellor in a confidential setting, as well as group peer support. It allows you to express how your birth has impacted on you. Birth Reflections will help support you to make peace with your birth based on empathy and compassion.

Mums who are welcome no matter how long ago you gave birth and regardless of whether you intend having more children or not.

When: Tuesday 16th April 7.30-9.30pm

Where: Foxrock Parish Pastoral Centre

Tickets: By Eventbrite